Saturday, June 2, 2007

Deadly Advice - by Roberta Isleib

ISBN: 0425214745 - Prime Crime Berkley
An Advice Column Mystery

WOW!  I just closed the cover of Deadly Advice.  I’d invite Rebecca Butterman into my life just for her culinary talents.  But then there is the rest--

This book is deceptive in its apparent simplicity.  Everyone in the world could get caught up in this type of doubt.  But it’s Rebecca Butterman who’s dragged into a web of deceit and secrets. 

Madeline Stanton is found shot in her bathtub.  Her mother, Isabel pleads with her daughter’s neighbor and clinical psychologist, Dr. Butterman to find a reason and the truth.  Was it suicide or murder?

Dr. Aster, as she (Butterman) is known in her advice column, plots through her own life while finding disturbing truths about her deceased neighbor.  There is no shortage of possible murderers--if it was murder. 

Dr. Isleib has spun an intricate tale and an exciting ending.  A definite “You gotta read this one!”  And what’s even more exciting; this is the first in a new series.

Reviewed by Wanda C. Keesey