Sunday, June 3, 2007

Fraterfamilias - By Peter Ferrer

ISBN: 978-0-9782550-7-7 – PUB: Intellectus Enterprises

Interpol Inspector Thiérry Ballard is sent to the States to confirm the death of killer, Paul Michel.

Alan Kedward sees, hears, and talks to spirits, the near dead, and the undead--and he isn't the only one. His "cousin" is shot and pronounced dead, but is he. Of course not. It's all part of an intricate plan to avenge Farrell's wife's death, and logic takes a vacation.

The strange story of Farrell and Kedward unfolds in a series of flashbacks, and remembrances. Identities are not always immediately made clear, and the two men are so closely intertwined, they seem to be the same person. Things are clarified and the basis of this relationship is cleared, slowly and with a lot of interest.

Events happen fast and as strange as some of them are, the reader is able to easily follow the action. Buckle in and enjoy the ride.

Peter Ferrer is actually to very bright ladies, Judith Doloughan and Paula Stiles. Another case of hands across the ocean, they've formed a partnership that is commendable.

Reviewed by Wanda C. Keesey