Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hands Upon My Heart - By Perry Foster

Pub: Discovery Publishing Company - ISBN: 9780978967307

Hands Upon My Heart: My journey Through Heart Disease and Into Life [Perry Foster]

Every person with a heart should read this book. Perry Foster gives an honest, unadulterated account of his most personal thoughts and feelings. He takes the reader through the medical procedures reflecting his honest emotions and fears at every step. His accounts are interspersed with flashbacks of his family and friends, tenderizing the harsh realities of his horrendous journey, and exposing the source of his strength.

CON: Some of the medical jargon may slow you down, keep reading it all becomes clear.

PRO: Everyone in the world knows someone who’s gone through this agony and personal terror. Those of us who had to sit back and watch can now see, through Mr. Foster’s eyes the feelings of our loved ones.

A book deserving of more accolades than I can express, well done Perry.

Reviewed by Wanda C. Keesey