Sunday, July 22, 2007

Second Half - Susanna Chelton Sheehy

ISBN: 978-09789271-1-0 - Elden Publishing (2007)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/07)

“Second Half” is the second novel in the “Second Half Trilogy” series. A third novel is on its way. In this novel, Jane is a sixty-year old woman who has never been married or had children. She has two wonderful best friends in her life. The story begins with Jane burning out in her career. She decides to start a magazine called, “Second Half.” It is directed towards women who are over 45-years old. Jane has to deal with the stresses of starting a magazine. Her experiences with her employees also teach her some huge lessons.

At this time, Jane also falls for a handsome widower named Gordon and she buys a dog. Gordon brings a spark of life into Jane’s. Through Gordon’s family, Jane discovers what she has been missing out on. She learns about both the good and the bad sides of having a large family and pets. When Jane first meets his family, “she felt like a drop of water in the ocean as a wave moved toward the shore.” As time passes and she acclimates and feels accepted by them, “she still felt that way, but she belonged with that wave.” Gordon also teaches her about what she has been missing out on sexually. At 60, she finally has a man that rocks her world.

I loved this novel. I could really relate to it. What Jane was feeling at 60, I am feeling at 40. Her character gives me a feeling of hope in that it is never to let to start a new lease on life, nor it is too late to find the true love of your life. Jane’s relationships in this story are very interesting and present some challenges. I enjoyed watching her grow through her experiences with them and the pets. Animal lovers will especially love reading about Jane’s experiences with the animals. It definitely isn’t easy for her to adapt to both the new family members and the animals but she knows that the hard work is worth it.

Susanna Chelton Sheehy has written the perfect book to be given as a gift. “Second Half” is definitely one that a woman can curl up with and enjoy on a quiet afternoon. It is also an excellent choice for a women’s reader group.

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