Saturday, July 14, 2007

Transformational Healing - Jamie L. Saloff

ISBN: 0-9740642-0-3 - Sent Books
Reviewed by Christina Smith for Reader Views (2/06)

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This was a very uplifting book. As I read more and more of it, I realized that you don't have to be sick in order to read it. It is perfect if you need just a spiritual pick up. Ms. Saloff gives you eighteen exercises to do in order to make not only your body healthy, but to also bring health to your mind and spirit. She tells how bringing health to your mind and spirit, will also bring health to your body. There are also five keys to well being: Relief, Goals & Desires, Connection, Commitment, and Synchronicity.

Each chapter takes you through the different aspects that you must go through in order to become healthier. From Chapter One, where Ms. Saloff has you diagram where each ache, scar and pain are located, to Chapter Eleven where she shows you the spiral (desire-->goal-->skill-->desire), to Chapter Nineteen where you see that it is not only the physical things around you that you have to observe, but also the things inside you like your intuition and visions. I also really enjoyed how Ms. Saloff shows you the part your immediate family and your ancestors play in your health.

This was a very informative book if you wanted a different approach to healing. I myself found it very useful to the aches and pains that I have. Once again, you need not be sick to read this. A must read for all!

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