Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ken Fink - Unbuttoned: Who Says Men Can't Change

ISBN: 978-09727391-0-8 - Transformational Press (2006)
Reviewed by David Peters for Reader Views (8/06)

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Imagine growing up to become exactly what you felt you were supposed to be: Perfect career, perfect wife and family. Only to one day, have every dream shattered and your perfect life come crashing down around you. Sounds like your typical horror movie plot, right? It’s not, It’s actually your life. Imagine waking up one morning with a fever and not being able to move a muscle. No calls for help because nobody is there. A mysterious illness has taken hold of your body and the only thing you can do is lay there and wait for enough strength to come back so you can call someone for help.

That’s how Ken Fink begins his book of self exploration and healing “Unbuttoned: Who Says Men Can’t Change”. Ken grabs hold of you and leads you through his struggles to find a name for what was wrong with him, and finally accepting that there is no name for it. He then begins his journey of healing that takes him to some unexpected places where he meets many wise and helpful people.

This book forces you to take a hard look at your life. I highly recommend it for every man and anyone who may find that worldly things are more important than the things we are given and often take advantage of.

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