Thursday, August 16, 2007

Loss of Innocence by Anne Newton Walther

ISBN: 9780967670348 - Tapestries Publishing (2007)
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (7/07)

Well-known psychologist, author and speaker Anne Newton Walther's passion for history led to the writing of her first book "A Time of Treason." A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Anne grew up in Virginia and now lives in San Francisco with her husband.

She has been on national talk shows, local television and radio and is head of a psychological counseling firm.
Ms. Walther has taken her very colorful character the French Countess Eugenie Devereux (that she introduced in "A Time of Treason") on another adventure through history. This time, however, the beautiful Madam Devereux is back in France and is in the midst of the French Revolution. Her loyalty to the royal family is torn because of her love of her country and its people. Eugenie and her Chateau are caught in the middle and it becomes a popular place for nobles, military men and commoners. Then one day, the Queen herself pays a visit to the Chateau.
Eugenie Devereux has built alliances and has many friends throughout the world. One such friend, an American, proposes to exile the royal family to America. This little-known fact is in very few history books and is not easy to Google. The plans that are discussed would bring the royal family to America and set them up in their own little kingdom. There they would live their lives in peace and tranquility while still maintaining their status as the Royal French Family. The plan is made and ready to proceed when tragedy strikes in the form of a visitor.
What happens then is history, but the way Ms. Walther presents it is most intriguing. "Loss of Innocence" is a compelling book that details the struggles of the revolution and the emotions of the people that went through it.
If you are a history buff and like your history a little more personalized, then this is a must read. I must say "had it not been for my knowledge of the French language, I may have not understood certain remarks made." If that is the case with you, then I suggest that you have a pocket French translation book handy. It will make some of the passages much more interesting. I enjoyed the sparse peppering of French in the dialog but it may be a slight irritant to others. I gave it an A+ and considered it an excellent read. The binding is quality, the art work of high caliber and the content superior.

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