Saturday, August 11, 2007

Paula Petrovic - Sand Play for the Soul

Sand Play for the Soul: Awakening the Power of YOU to New Worlds of Possibility
ISBN: 0-9777914-0-8 - Soul House Press (2006)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (8/06)

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I had the pleasure of reading “Sand Play for the Soul” while I was camping in Flagstaff. Flagstaff is nearby Sedona, where the book was created and where Paula Petrovic does her Sand Play sessions. Her writings really touched me on a deep level. It made it feel more special to know that I was nearby where this incredible work takes place.

My initial thought about reading the book was based on my ego. I felt that it would enhance my counseling background to read about a different form of communication. I was familiar with play therapy, but Sand Play goes so much deeper than that. My heart knew that I needed to read this book for myself and for the work that I needed to do on healing and connecting with my soul.

Through Sand Play, you use a tray filled with sand and small objects to make this connection. How you place meanings on these objects and where you place them in your tray gives you answers that you need to understand yourself and to see where you need to heal. You communicate with your soul, and allow it to tell you what work needs to be done. Petrovic says, “There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you and your soul are in league as ‘One.’”

The purpose of the sand tray and objects is to provide a three dimensional means in which to have this communication. She believes, “releasing set beliefs and habitual patterns which often hold us captive and causes mental, emotional, and physical suffering is no easy feat. However, being able to see your life story symbolically laid out before you helps you to put things into perspective and to be able to respond with clarity." What I really like about this form of communication is that it is something that you can do on your own and continue to benefit from over time.

Sand Play helps you to discover what is right and true for you coming from, “the knowing place within your soul.” You can open communication up with your soul in a way that is “supportive, empowering and respectful.” Sand Play is meant to be enjoyable and enriching. I would love to attend one of Petrovic’s workshops, but for now I can practice this on my own.

In addition to providing a wealth of information about how and why Sand Play works, Petrovic also has a large section in the book called, “Sand Play Stories.” In this section she writes about the healing experiences of her clients. The people whose stories are told come from a variety of ages and backgrounds. Each story will touch your heart in a different way. The healing experiences that these people encounter are incredible. I recommend this book to readers that are looking for a deeper means to connect with their souls and who are seeking answers that really can only be found within themselves. I also recommend “Sand Play for the Soul” to counselors who would like to teach their clients to engage in self-discovery.

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