Monday, January 28, 2008

UnBreak Your Health: The Complete Guide to Complementary and Alternative Therapies by Alan E. Smith

ISBN: 9781932690 - Loving Healing Press (2007)
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (7/07)

Are you a person who is frustrated by lack of results in the traditional medical approach to illness?  "UnBreak your Health" is the most comprehensive and reader-friendly guide for alternative health solutions that I have ever read.  The author, Alan E. Smith, through personal experience presents a compelling argument for the power of our bodies to heal themselves if we would give them the opportunity.  However, Smith is not an opponent of conventional medicine, and states that this book is meant to give hope and options to complement healing therapies.

The reader-friendly format of the book provides an introduction to alternative therapies, the best way to use this book and chapters on overall alternative health concepts and working with the body, mind and spirit.  Topics include acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy, osteopathy, and environmental medicine. Other therapies covered are mind-body therapies, manual healing therapies, and herbal remedies.  The methods listed in this book include therapies that have been around for thousands of years to life changing new devices. 

I was amazed at the number of alternative therapies that are available to a person.  Our technology-based culture can learn so much from the cultures of ancient lineage around the world following these time-honored systems. The Western approach often fails to treat the whole patient – mind, body, emotions and spirit, and treats the symptoms instead of finding the root of the problem.   Additionally, the author has included user comments throughout the book that are testimonials of healing from people who have given up on conventional medicine.  I recognized several of the therapies and was pleasantly surprised to see the Network Spinal Analysis included, a chiropractic technique that uses specific touches to heal.  I was introduced to this technique several years ago and was able to avoid surgery by using it.  I was also really glad to see the Radical Forgiveness Technology listed, an amazing technology that I started using several months ago.

"UnBreak your Health" would complement any home-based or business library.  I applaud the author for creating such a comprehensive guide.

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