Monday, February 25, 2008

Journey from Head to Heart, by Nancy Oelklaus

ISBN: 9781932690439 - Loving Healing Press (2008)
Reviewed by Vicki Landes for Reader Views (11/07)

Do you ever feel like the 'real you' isn't the one living your life?  That what you do from day to day isn't what feeds your soul or nurtures your heart?  Author Nancy Oelklaus says that genuine person and real happiness are inside there somewhere and is determined to bring them out with help from her new book, "Journey from Head to Heart:  Living and Working Authentically."
Oelklaus' book is a result of her own struggles to find her path and transcend beyond what she'd fallen into in life.  Heartfelt and deep, she bares her past demons in her stories of experience and poetry from recovery.  Throughout the book, she gently urges her readers to lead a conscious life, with purpose and values that extend to all of our daily circumstances.  She uses touching examples from her own turbulent path to illustrate how we can rise above our egos, control our perspectives, live with courage, and see ourselves as what we really are – spirits with limitless potential. 
"Journey from Head to Heart" is a profound combination of science and religion with facts and feelings.  Even as early as the preface, Oelklaus captivates you with her honesty, sincerity, and hope.  Her writing style gave the sensation that I was listening to an old friend pour her life's heart out to me.  Her energy encourages and motivates to be more than we've become – both as individuals and as a society.
"Journey from Head to Heart" is written with the middle-aged person in mind – those that have realized that they are not living with their intended priorities at the center of their existence and are looking for a change.  However, young adults looking to start out with an authentic spirit (or change before that critical life precipice appears) would benefit from reading it as well.  If you enjoy reading Stephen Covey or Rick Warren, you'll find a friend in Nancy Oelklaus.
It takes a delicate voice to put your individual shortcomings and life obstacles in a self-help book without sounding egotistical or as if you are flaunting your personal victories yet Nancy Oelklaus does so gracefully and humbly within the pages of her book.  "Journey from Head to Heart" is simply the path we must take between those two points – opening the eyes, raising the voice, swallowing our pride, and releasing the soul.

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