Monday, April 14, 2008

Crossover: Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree: Scroll 1

by Claudia D. Newcorn
ISBN: 9781432707798 - Outskirts Press
Reviewed by Deb Shunamon for Reader Views (1/08)

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I give a resounding "Wow!" for Claudia Newcorn's new book, "Crossover: Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree: Scroll 1," a light fantasy with substance.  This intelligently written adventure story involving old grudges, ambition, love, and other dimensions of existence, also speaks to the difficulties of growing up and making independent, responsible choices.
The story follows the personal growth of Danai and her possible importance to the future of her people. Danai and the other young sprytes undergo the rituals of Krisálys in order to obtain their féyree wings. However, it quickly becomes apparent that each of the rites involved is going to be far more dangerous than the sprytes realize, as not everyone wants them to succeed, or notice that a dark time in féyree history is about to return. I have to admit that the abundant descriptions, invented vocabulary, and the thee/ye speech on the first few pages made me wonder if I would have the patience to finish the book, but by mid-chapter I was hooked. The tightly written characters and adventures in this volume were engrossing, and although the story can easily be continued in future books, Scroll 1 is complete and satisfying on its own.
Even though I am not a féyree kingdom enthusiast, the terrific storytelling in this book has certainly made me a fan of its author. "Crossover: Krisálys Chronicles of Féyree: Scroll 1," by Claudia Newcorn, will appeal to a variety of ages, and is a good choice for those who think, as I did, that féyree -world stories are generally too fluffy. Interesting and unique, this is simply a wonderfully written, action-filled, thoughtful fantasy book.

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