Monday, April 28, 2008

Jungle King Secrets: A Libido-Liberating Lifestyle for Superior Sexual Satisfaction

Paul Adcock

ISBN: 9781594678660 - Loving Healing Press (2008)
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (2/08)

I was not able to find much information on the author except the fact that he was born in Detroit, Michigan and now resides in a suburb of the same. "Jungle King Secrets" happens to be his first book but I am sure it will not be his last.

Does size matter? Find out in Paul Adcock's book "Jungle King Secrets"--his detailed study of this and many more life-enhancing questions are answered in this 251-page volume. His main thrust is on how to improve your love life through the use of diet and exercise. He speaks of "World Class Wellness" and shows how to handle that ever-growing concern among men, "the erection." Mr. Adcock describes how nutrition of the body relates to our sexual prowess in, "Factory-Farming and Sexual Function."  He instructs the reader in the proper use of nutrition and even better, what not to eat or do for sexual superiority; which food and drinks to avoid and others to eat more of. Not smoking was at the top of the list along with overindulgence. Paul cautions everyone on the dangers of smoking and emphasizes the fact that too much wine can hinder a man's performance. I could sympathize with what he means here and I am sure I'm not alone when I say, "it doesn't help a man's partner to overindulge either."

Further on, Paul explains the dangers of sexual pharmaceuticals. The risks involved in taking so-called, erection-amplifying drugs or aphrodisiacs. Such libido enhancers have hidden chemicals that are detrimental to the human body and Mr. Adcock cautions the reader on their use and abuse.  One of my personal favorite chapters was, "The Secret of the Sexual Super Heroes." Mr. Adcock refers to the "Grand Master Tu Jin-Sheng" and the teachings of "Taoism." "Taoism" is not a political doctrine but rather a wisdom tradition. Followers observed the organic lifestyle and learned to harness the life force of creation called "energy cultivation (Qi Gong)." They learned that this practice made it possible for them to be more sexually superior and less susceptible to sickness and disease.

The power of sex is exemplified in this very well-documented and researched book. How Mr. Adcock was able to compile so much helpful information into only 251 pages is amazing. I had no problem giving this book an A rating. The research was thorough and well documented, the writing was unquestionably well done and "Jungle King Secrets" is a quality product that is well worth reading.

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