Monday, August 4, 2008


by Israel del Rio
ISBN: 9781434809544 - CreateSpace (2008)
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/08)

Having done something redeeming in a former life, a man is given the gift of being able to choose his next life by a spirit guide.  He has to randomly choose five scrolls from thousands.  Each scroll represents a life.  He is allowed to peek into each life to see which one that he wants.  Viewing pieces of each life, he discovers that all five are linked in some way.  He has to decide which one would be the best fit for him.
Each life that he views is completely different from the other, yet still connected.  He gets to glimpse into the life of a materialistic rich man; a Native American old man who is preparing to die; a desperate man who has lost everything including his wife, and is now about to lose his daughter; a beautiful woman who is finding herself; and a software programmer who has to discover the importance of his family.
By itself, "Honeycomb" is a great work of fiction.  Israel del Rio takes you right into the lives of each person and their thoughts and emotions.  Some of these feelings seem to leap right at you, off the pages.  Greed, grief, and loneliness are a few.  Their lives seem very real.  The way that the five relate to each other is very interesting.  Readers will enjoy this book just for the story, however, those seeking deeper meaning will find themselves totally captivated by the profound messages of wisdom that are contained within these pages.
First of all, the book is about being able to choose your next incarnation when you are reincarnated.  What I found to be meaningful is that I don't have to wait until I die to choose my next life.  I can make that choice right now.  As a matter of fact, tonight I can choose how I want to live tomorrow.  Ultimately, I make choices that create the life that I am living right now.  The second aspect of the book that impressed me is that the character got a glimpse into the lives of those around him.  These people were going through some difficult times.  Some involved pretty deep soul-searching.  Their connections to each other would give each one a better understanding of what issues they had to deal with. 
In our lives, we don't really get to do this.  However, after reading this, I think it is incredibly important to treat each person as someone special.  We really don't know kinds of issues that the people, who we encountered daily, have to struggle with.  Treating each person with compassion and respect can make a difference in making their lives more positive.
I highly recommend "Honeycomb," by Israel del Rio.  What a wonderful gift is was to have the opportunity to read it.  What a wonderful gift it would make for someone.  Enjoy.
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