Monday, August 25, 2008

Leisure Daze by Mike Mihalek

ISBN: 9780980150452 - RoseHeart Publishing
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (6/08)

An octogenarian lawyer, his vivacious Russian emigrant wife, a younger retired widower, a registered nurse, and two teenagers are pitted against members of a Colombian Cartel drug ring and the president of the homeowners association of a Florida coastal community, in Mike Milhalek's facetious new comedic novel "Leisure Daze."
While fishing off the central coast of Florida Phil Seibert and his neighbor Kyle Walker came across a large bundle of marijuana.  Assuming it to be from an aborted overnight drug-smuggling operation, and with no other boats in sight they made the decision to haul in the contraband.
Upon returning to their homes in their nearby retirement community Phil took possession of the large quantity of illegal drugs and apportioned a generous amount to Kyle. They made plans to research Florida laws to determine what amount of the substance was considered a felony to have in possession before deciding what to do with their find and headed to their respective homes.  Phil and his wife and Kyle and his sister-in-law were all high on the marijuana before the evening was over.
Self-appointed leader of a crusade to get the community involved in a ballot measure to ban continued dumping of waste materials into the river Phil was attempting to get signatures from Homeowner Association members on his petition.  Kyle came up with a plan to help get votes at the annual Memorial Day picnic by having Kim, his sister-in-law, bake a batch of marijuana-laced brownies for the pot luck dessert table.
Homeowner's Association president, retired Army General, Stan Ross, stood in opposition the plan.  The drugged brownies had a snowball effect and soon suspicions were confirmed that illegal drugs were being smuggled into the community on a regular basis.
Mihalek skillfully creates an incredulous plot as he adds new characters into the action. The story builds to a crescendo of fast-moving action leading up to a brilliant climax.
Mike's writing is filled with insights into human nature and personal insecurity. Engaging dialog reveals a divergence of opinions and values on a broad spectrum of information which enhance and give credibility to a far-fetched plot on subjects ranging from art, world cultures, philosophy, religion, and politics, to classic cars.

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