Monday, August 4, 2008

A Prince in Need: Volume 2 of the Myrridian Cycle

by Debra Killeen
ISBN: 9780980178050 - Helm Publishing (2008)
Reviewed by Ian McCurley (age14) for Reader Views (3/08)

"A Prince in Need" begins when Reginald Claybourne, the king of the medieval country of Myrridia is murdered in a brothel.  His son Robert who was there unwillingly will now inherit the throne.  Unfortunately for Robert, Reginald's sins had caught up with him.  A mysterious woman and her brother may be behind the murder and what's worse they may want to kill Robert too.  Then there's Christopher McCabe, a man who has been masquerading as the Duke of Saelym.  While Chris is a time traveler from the future, the real Duke, Christian, was evil and is now dead.  Things do not get any better when Chris's former girlfriend Nicole and her friend Naomi come through a portal into Myrridia.  This causes Chris's relationship with his wife Helen to falter.  When the murderous woman captures Nicole and uses magic to set a magic trigger in her mind to kill Chris, they discover how evil and powerful this woman it truly is.  When a challenge is issued, they must rely on the magical skills of Allyson, Prince Roberts' sister.  With the royal treasury in a state of falter, and the arrival of time travelers from the future and the threat of attack from evil people looming over his head, Robert is truly 'A Prince in Need.'
Debra Killeen's writing style is full of character development and excitement.  While lacking in action, "A Prince in Need" makes up for it with plenty of romance, plot twists and feminist humor.  "A Prince in Need" is for teens 16 and older who enjoy medieval fantasy, romance and medieval politics.  Be sure to read "Volume 1 of the Myrridian Cycle.

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