Monday, September 15, 2008

Fire Fish (Invisible Tails)


Davy Liu
Kendu Films, Inc. (2008)
ISBN 9780615192338
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) by Reader Views (9/08)

Do you like to watch a race? Sarai the perch fish never missed it! Her brother Sesom liked watching the race too. It was a real family affair when Momma and Papa Perch watched it too. However, Momma and Papa Perch have been caught in a net.
The youngsters aren't sure when they will ever see their parents again. They can only hope that they will be reunited safely. They have to keep their hopes alive. But with the parents gone they have many adventures on their own to discover. They have heard many stories about the Bright Beyond and Fire Fish. Sarai hopes to someday become one of the famed Fire Fish.  Like any parents should, they arrange a place to meet their children again; in this case, it is the Turtle Pool.
"Fire Fish" is a well-written story with adventures of what happens under the water and the life that many fish live in the ocean. The glossy pages and delightful characters make this an excellent book for kids. I especially liked the way the parents and kids showed their concerns for each other while they were being separated. The kids never gave up hope on seeing their parents again. Fire Fish are supposed to be the best of the best fish and I liked learning about them. I recommend "Fire Fish" by Davy Liu for any kids who would like to see under the sea and read a great story of perseverance and love no matter what the situation. I can't wait until I can read "The Giant Leaf" which is the first book in the Invisible Tails Series!

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