Monday, September 8, 2008

Fire-Heart: A Tale of Alterra, The World That Is Book II


C.S. Marks
AuthorHouse (2008)
ISBN 9781425944421
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (7/08)

I enjoyed the first book in the fantasy trilogy "Elfhunter" so much that I quickly ordered the next two in the series. The second book, "Fire-Heart," does not disappoint.  Even though the story spans almost 700 pages, I had trouble putting it down and read it very quickly. 
The story continues as Gaelen the wood elf and the rest of her company decide to leave the land of the elves and travel to the desert.  Orogond, Gaelen's human love who was raised among the elves finds out who he really is and that he has a brother.  His brother, Hallagond, believes that he has disgraced himself and is unworthy of being a ranger and now goes by the name of Al-amand (the forsaken one) and is now traveling with a band of thieves in the desert. 
The Company's journey leads them through many terrifying adventures as they take on trolls, slave traders, thieves and almost lose their lives more than once while traveling through the desert.  The trip leads them into the path of one of the most despicable groups of people called "The Scourge."  Once they realize that the evil band's final destination is a magical city that few know about, the Company hurries to Silver to warn the city about the impending disaster. 
Gorgon, the evil Elfhunter, does not play as a big a role in the second book as the first, but I suspect that he will be one of the primary characters in the third book, "Ravenshade."  Gaelen does not want to endanger the elves by fighting Gorgon in the land of the elves and calls him to the desert through a strange bond that they now share.  He shows up towards the end of the book and actually helps the Company because he does not want Gaelen killed by anyone but him.  The book ends with Gorgon making himself known by committing an unspeakable act to one of The Company. 
I really enjoyed reading "Fire-Heart" by C. S. Marks and cannot wait to read the third in the series.  The author's style drew me in so much that I felt like I was with The Company as they encountered one obstacle after another on their journey.  This is the stuff that makes great movies.

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