Monday, July 6, 2009

Meaning and Relatedness

Khepri Rising
Lulu (2008)
ISBN 9780615255477
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (6/09)

"Meaning and Relatedness" combines Eastern Philosophy, Mysticism, Spirituality and poetic fiction in a thought-producing exploration into discovery. Khepri Rising draws from the masters, classic and contemporary philosophers, theologians, and respected friends in his personal quest for truth and meaning.

Rising writes to encourage the reader to more distinctly and qualitatively question the status quo to endeavor to make change, to make people better people, smarter, more aware, and more sensitive. By means of involving the reader in a philosophical introspection he exposes the shallow expectations of acceptance and challenges the reader to experience reality in the discovery of the person we really are.

Reminiscent of the counterculture of the beatnik, it is unlikely that "Meaning and Relatedness" will bring a resurgence of its influence; however, these existential poetic ruminations will have a significant resonance with generation X.

In a lengthy treatise on "words" Rising gives the reader cause to ponder the conundrum of language and the symbolic representations of words. Articulate and expressive in his use of words Rising teases the reader with a panache of lighthearted rhetoric and riddles as to their meanings.

Rising discloses his underlying thirst for idealism in ethics that always asks: What should I do? What is right?  His honesty and vulnerability in humbly sharing his thoughts on holocaust victims is deeply moving and unearths the evil and a dark foreboding side of man which demands personal reflection and a sober self examination.

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