Monday, January 4, 2010

Currencies that buy Credibility

Tom Wanek
Wizard Academy Press (2009)
ISBN 9781932226768
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views


Small book. Powerful message.  Yes, great things do come in small packages, and Tom Wanek is out to demonstrate that in his pocket-size 159-page book "Currencies that buy Credibility" he can do just that.

In most cases when we hear the word currency we immediately relate to money.  However, Wanek proves that it's not only money that will buy you credibility in the business world but also what you say, how you say it, and what your actions are. All these things amount to being currencies that establish your credibility and create more traffic and sales in your business.

In the final chapter Wanek says "Throughout this book I've argued that our customers are looking for a buying experience they can trust."  Also throughout the book he points out that credibility can be purchased by investing currencies of:

1.  Material Wealth - e.g. statements of guarantees and warranties
2.  Time and Energy - e.g. free seminars
3.  Opportunity - e.g. projecting image
4.  Power & Control - e.g. using comparisons
5.  Reputation & Prestige - e.g. displaying authenticity
6.  Safety & Well-Being - e.g. personal guarantee

Wanek takes each currency and expands, giving examples from major corporations and shows how they succeed using the currency, or fail because they don't.  The bottom line of his message is to look at our own business and delve into the connotation we send out.  Is it authentic and do we ourselves believe what we say?

I repeat:  Small book. Powerful message.  I firmly believe, and know from experience, using at least one of the currencies in Wanek's book will change your business.  However, I also know that using all six currencies can make a 180 turn-around in no time.  Be an "insider" and glean Wanek's expertise to make a powerful change to bring in more customers/clients, more sales, and more income.  I highly recommend the investment of purchasing "Currencies that buy Credibility."

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