Monday, August 30, 2010

If I Were a Farmer: Field Work

Gordon W. Fredrickson
Beaver's Pond Press (2010)
ISBN 9781592983407
Reviewed by Sophia (age 7) and Madeline (age 9) McElroy for Reader Views Kids

Sophia:  I loved this book because the pictures were nice, and also I liked what the book talked about - kid farmers! My favorite part of the book was when they all worked together as a team. I also liked the part when they were riding the tractors. I would choose to use the new tractors for my farm because they have air-conditioning! My favorite picture in the book was when the neighbors were talking about old and new tractors because they both had their pets on the tractors with them. I think it would be nice to live on a farm.

Madeline:  This is a funny book about farming from a kid's point of view. I learned that tractors can be very expensive and that farming takes a lot of work! The drawings are good and they are fun too. My favorite picture is the little girl driving the hay tractor. My favorite part is when the little boy and his dog ride on the small tractor and the dog is riding on the back off it! This is a really nice book; it's very fun to read. I have read the first book by this author and I think they're both really good books. I think I would rather work on the farm with the animals than in the field. The "If I Were a Farmer" series has really fun books to read. If you liked this book you might like the others too! 

Sophia and Madeline:  We both highly recommend this fun book, "If I Were a Farmer: Field Work."

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