Monday, September 27, 2010

Ambrosia: Weapons Underworld

Robin Sutton
The Robin's Nest Books (2009)
ISBN 9780975509821
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

"Ambrosia" tells the modern tale of Helena, who lives in an undersea world that was once part of Atlantis. Helena has recently lost her fiancé. She suspects that her current employer Matthew was involved in his death. Matthew is interested in being much more than Helena's boss, he wants to completely dominate her. As Helena tries to find out what really happened to her fiancé, Matthew tightens his control around her.

Except for a select few, the people who live above on earth, also known as "land dwellers," are unaware of the presence of Ambrosia. The people who know of them, trade with them. Some of them are also involved with Matthew's illegal activities. These activities involve trading in deadly weapons. Matthew has the desire to control more than just Ambrosia; he wants to take over the world.

A land dweller named Kevin, who is also an officer in the Navy, discovers Ambrosia. He is amazed by how beautiful the place is, and the special abilities of the people. Kevin is especially taken with Helena. This makes his life there very dangerous. Helena feels equally attracted to Kevin.  Having to leave with Matthew as he travels above the sea, Helena leaves her underwater world.

Encountering Kevin again, while she is on land, he continues to endanger himself while he tries to help her escape. Their feelings for each other are deepening.

As the drama intensifies, Helena learns more about Matthew's treachery involving her family.  To complicate matters further, she also discovers an unexplained attraction to Matthew.  Is this magic or chemistry?  Helena has a lot of important decisions to make.

I really enjoyed the unique idea of this story. How incredible it would be if a place like this really existed! The unusual abilities of the people of Ambrosia also added excitement to the adventure.  The author's vivid descriptions of the undersea world brought it alive in my imagination.  While there are some grammatical errors that detract from the story, I feel that "Ambrosia" will still be enjoyed by fans of fantasy.

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