Monday, November 22, 2010

2012: The Year of The Changes

Fabio R. de Araujo
International Alliance Pro-Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781609420246
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views


For centuries there has been a curiosity about the reality of prophecies. In recent years a new interest in the Mayan calendar which predicts 2012 as the date of the end of era on earth has become a popular point of discussion.  Population explosion, global warming, war in the Middle East, and the recent election results in the U. S. and in Russia have created a surge of speculation on end-time prophecies, authentic and fabricated.

Fabio R. de Araujo has studied ancient prophecies, premonitions, and history for the last twenty years. He has thoroughly researched the works of Nostradamus, the Jewish Talmud, as well as writings going back as far as the 16th century.

De Araujo's book "2012: The Year of The Changes" details prophecies about U. S. president Barack Obama, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and other political leaders. He relates prophecies concerning global warming, World War III, and acts of nature which will impact every nation on our planet. De Araujo records his analysis of prophecies that have been translated from many languages, various origins, ancient and contemporary that foretell events leading to the year 2012. The Nostradamus prophecies regarding Obama and Putin were intriguing. 

The reader is invited to view de Araujo's writing as "nothing more than a curious compilation of prophecies about an American President, about a Russian President, and other issues related to the United States." However, he points out that there has never been a time in history when a U. S. President and a Russian President there have had so many prophecies and predictions as there are today. Other prophecies brought to light point to an economic crisis, the anticipated Jewish Messiah, a Muslim Messiah, and Russia's involvement in World War III.

I found myself fascinated with "The Roosevelt-Obama Spiritualism prophecy." The author cites, quotes and documents dozens of recent articles from reputable journals, magazines, newspapers, and internet news services on the subject. Climate change, global catastrophe, and International conflict, as well as signs of prophecies concerning end-of-the-world events have attracted the interest of political leaders, serious thinkers, theologians, environmentalists, scientists, and economists.

All are concerned and have various opinions and agendas regarding alerting the public with warnings derived from religious sources, from data showing historical and economic cycles.  There are implications from mathematical formulae and scientific evidence that indicate the relationship of these prophecies to current events and to the inevitable crisis facing the world today.

De Araujo's writing is articulate. His work is well researched, informative, and provocative. "2012: The Year of The Changes" is an amazing combination of prophecies, premonitions, historical fulfillment and speculations of things to come.

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