Monday, December 6, 2010

The Bleeding Hills: A Novel

Wilfried F. Voss
Copperhill Media Corporation (2009)
ISBN 9780976511649
Reviewed by Richard R Blake for Reader Views (11/10)

From the opening scene of "The Bleeding Hills" I found myself engaged in the underlying issues of the cause of the Irish Republican Army. Wilfried F. Voss has captured the sense of urgency faced by his protagonists in their fight for freedom from the supremacy of Britain's uncompromised rule. I was stunned by the emotions generated as Voss described the aggression of misinformed, misdirected, relentless youth in the horror of unabated mob violence.

With evidence that Whelan is the mastermind behind a conspiracy to assassinate the First Minister of Northern Ireland British Intelligence has devised a plan to lure Finn back to, Northern Ireland. Conspiracy, personal vendettas, and double agents all add to the mounting suspense of Voss's complex compelling plot. Hidden clues and fast-moving action keep the reader turning pages to the final unexpected climactic conclusion of this important glimpse into the issues behind the War in Northern Ireland. Voss capably covers the history of the Irish War through the forty-year fictional career of Finnean Whelan, an IRA veteran, receiving exile protection in the United States.

Voss's creative imagination and careful attention to detail are remarkable. His research and career background in electrical engineering and electronic components add depth and authenticity to the technical information provided in the story detailing surveillance techniques and security procedures.

I enjoyed Voss's writing style, his unique narrative approach, character development, dialog, and his wonderful descriptions of Ireland's unique beauty, its geography, people and culture. "The Bleeding Hills" is a must read novel for anyone interested in the recent history of Irish politics and the cause of the Northern Ireland.