Monday, March 21, 2011

Bouncing Back From Loss: How To Learn From Your Past, Heal The Present, And Transform Your Future

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD
Morgan James Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781600378256
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views


At some point in our lives we are all faced with adversity. I am sure we've all heard people say things like, "What doesn't break you, makes you stronger…" or my grandma's favorite, "Nettles don't freeze…", yet when we are in a middle of a crisis, it is hard to think clearly and even harder to realize that bouncing back from loss is a long and oftentimes very difficult process.

While we rarely have the foresight to prepare ourselves for such devastating circumstances as those described in Donna Marie Thompson's "Bouncing Back From Loss," reading her book at any given moment will give us tools to be better able to fight our way back to sanity when loss happens, or in the case we've already suffered a loss, it will definitely be an invaluable guide out of the confusing, scary and overpowering feelings that tend to overcome us when we are in the midst of a challenge or loss.

Donna Marie Thompson's story of emotional, financial and physical challenges she had to face in rapid succession is brave, deeply personal and incredibly inspiring. What I found the most inspiring was her will to overcome whatever was thrown her way, and the most valuable parts of the book were, at least for me, those which detailed both the challenges she faced and the solutions she devised for them. Through her story the reader could clearly see that both loss and recovery are processes, and they both take a certain amount of time. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to hurry them, and one has to go through certain phases to recognize, accept and deal with the situation, as well as heal from whatever has happened. In addition to the personal story, which in itself is an excellent teaching tool, Donna Marie Thompson offers a variety of exercises and tools to "help you learn from your past, build the present and transform your future." From the 5 Es to recovery (explore, eliminate, embrace, envision and energize) to 21 stupid things people say when someone has suffered a loss, they will help you get back on track and continue stronger than you ever were.

Written in a positive and always affirming tone, "Bouncing Back From Loss" is an intelligent, insightful and useful guide to facing life's challenges and recovering from them.

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