Monday, August 22, 2011

Pacha's Pajamas: A Story Written by Nature

Aaron Ableman
BALANCE Edutainment (2011)
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 10) and Sophia McElroy (age 8) for Reader Views

Madeline: A young girl named Pacha loves to go visit her dad at work at the zoo. She loves to help him feed, and wash the animals. She spends all day there and loves animals. When she comes home, her mom has a surprise for her. She gives her homemade pajamas with animals on them! There is a hummingbird, a whale, a mushroom, a tree, and a jaguar. She puts them on and hops into bed. While sleeping, she has a dream with all of the animals from her pajamas in it. Another surprise, in her dream, the animals could talk!

A hummingbird was flying around, then a whale came out of the water, a mushroom hopped along, a jaguar stalking, and a tree standing before them all. They were all discussing how bad the earth is getting and how humans ruining their habitats. The whale said, "Every time I turn around, there is a piece of plastic!" The hummingbird said, "There isn't enough flowers for me to drink nectar." The jaguar said, "They are cutting down my lands to make shopping malls!" The mushroom said, " The dirt is too dry! I won't be able to grow!" And the tree sighed and said, "They are cutting down my friends and family, we keep the earth breathing." They all sat there for a while and then they thought of an idea. They wanted to bring all different types of animals and nature to a big gathering in a arena and discuss how to make it better.

The end will make you want to help the earth too! This book is good for young and grown-up kids and adults too. It teaches you how to make the earth better, and when you make the earth better, everyone feels better too.

Sophia: This is a story about a girl named Pacha. She visits the zoo very often and helps her dad with the animals. Then one day Pacha's mom gave her some homemade pajamas with animals on them. Then she went into bed and drifted off to sleep. She had a dream about the animals on her pajamas, a humming bird, a beautiful whale, a spotted jaguar, a mushroom, and a talking tree. Pacha in her dream was disguised as a gorilla. And you know what else? The animals and mushroom and tree could talk! You don't see that in jungles, oceans, and gardens! And the animals decided to do a concert and there were singing people like a beaver named Just in Time. But when Pacha (the gorilla in disguise) was doing an act and her mask fell off when she was bowing, everyone gasped and said, "It's a human!"

Pacha's Pajama's Single

Madeline: It has a very good beat and I like the raps. I like the tambourine playing in the background and the other instruments. It is a good song and it's fun to listen to if you feel like dancing or just want some loud relaxing music. I like how it is like, pop, hip- hop, and just calm too. It would be good to dance with and it would be fun to listen to at like a party or a get together. It is a good song and it really relates to the book.

Sophia: I really liked this song, it was funny!

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