Monday, January 30, 2012

Through Whose Eyes: Rise Child of God

Jacqueline Rainey
Strategic Book Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781612048550
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views

There are not enough words to describe the incredible insight and thoughts that Jacqueline Rainey has shared in "Through Whose Eyes: Rise Child of God." Many readers may find, through her writing and her approach, it seems she was in their minds.

The format of this book is alternating poems (I like to call them words of wisdom) and stories in which she covers topics such as throw-away children; prostitution; drug abuse; losing one's self to drugs and alcohol. In addition, Rainey addresses loss of spirituality and loss of being in touch with God. I loved the way she approached these various topics; inner thoughts that one might feel given any of these circumstances.

Many readers will be able to relate to these inner thoughts. As a person in recovery, my favorite story was "I Use To Be." Many of the thoughts expressed were things I learned in recovery and I still use today. Many of us who are in recovery are often mad at God because we think He let us down; yet we never gave up hope and some of us got out of that lifestyle and found ourselves again.

Even though some of Rainey's poems and stories relate to specific high-risk behaviors, most everyone can relate. As humans, we question who we are, why we present abnormal behaviors or lifestyles and sometimes beg God to help us each day.

As a psychologist, I am thrilled "Through Whose Eyes" was written because it will help so many that are lost in their journey of life. Rainey's wisdom is non-judgmental and does not give advice; it is a reflection of living life on life's terms.

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