Monday, February 20, 2012

Hot Sexy Banker Chicks

Elizabeth Pier
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781456502751
Read by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/12)

I have to admit, at a glance, I was sure that the title of the book was, "Hot Sexy Biker Chicks," instead of "Hot Sexy Banker Chicks."   Boy was I wrong!  The real title actually makes for a more unique and interesting read because books and movies about biker chicks have flooded the market over the years.  This is actually the first book that I have ever seen written about banker chicks. 

The author, Elizabeth Pier, writes a fictional story based upon real incidents.  The main character Marilyn was born and raised in New Orleans during the 60s. In the 80s she moved to San Francisco and began working in the banking industry.  From there she moved with her husband and children to the east coast.  She finally manages to settle down in North Country which is a rural area in upstate New York where the cows outnumber the people.  Feeling out of sorts and bored after she gets settled in, Marilyn decides to return to work in the banking industry.  It is not easy to find openings, let alone people who are willing to hire a newcomer to this area. When she finally is hired by an international bank, her career begins again, only it is very different this time.  Unlike the metropolitan areas where she previously was employed, the people who require banking services are very different. Some of the ones who you would least expect to have money, have the most. They don't stand out as wealthy when they come into the bank dressed very casually with cow manure on their boots.  Almost every customer has a story to tell, or an eccentricity which the bank employees have to handle.  In "Hot Sexy Banker Chicks," we get to be entertained by these stories. 

When Marilyn is hired as the bank's Asset Relationship Manager, she develops a quick rapport with Steph who is the branch manager and Louise, the assistant manager.  These are the "Hot Sexy Banker Chicks."  As with the customers, these ladies have their own eccentricities.  For Steph, she has a blended family that involves mischievous boys who are constantly in trouble.  Marilyn is grateful for the friendship of these two ladies. As co-workers they usually try to help each other out when dealing with pesky customers. Other times, they just laugh, as I did when reading their exploits.

Marilyn's experiences while working at this bank offer the reader many lessons to be learned about life. One is to remember to treat each human being as a person with value. She also learns not to judge people by their appearances, there are some incredible souls lurking behind long hair. She also taught me to be very careful about making sure that my personal affairs are in order now while I have most of my mental faculties intact.  There is a huge lesson about this in one of her stories. I also pray that one day, when I am old and lonely, people will look forward to seeing me and that I will not overstay my welcome when I venture into town to do business.

I highly recommend reading "Hot Sexy Banker Chicks" by Elizabeth Pier and I think that this book is a must read for women's reader's groups.  It is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all!

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