Monday, March 5, 2012

Discipline: A Play

Gerard Bianco
iUniverse (2012)
ISBN 9781462070220
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

Poor Howard Jenkins lives in state of constant sexual frustration.  Living with beautiful, sexy Lily who frequently spurns his sexual advances adds to his discomfort.  Lily constantly reminds Howard that he needs to keep his urges in check because he has already been in trouble for his outrageous behavior.  But having to see Lily in her sexy lingerie is pure torture for Howard, so he usually has to take matters into his own hands. He rudely lets Lily know that someday he will have a woman who will satisfy his needs and not try to encourage him to discipline himself so that his behavior will remain appropriate.

One night, after once again being spurned by Lily, Howard realizes that there is a stranger in their apartment. Not only is this man just a stranger, but he is a very strange man named Frustrato. Lily doesn't believe this man exists even after Howard calls the police to report his intrusion. When Frustrato reappears, Howard overcomes his fears to find out why he is there.  Threatening Howard with the need to get rid of Lily, Howard has a dilemma. Frustrato promises Howard a friendship that will be full of the two men being able to pursue whatever they desire.  Lily, in spite of her reticence with fulfilling Howard's desires, represents a stable, disciplining force in his life.  Howard truly can't picture his life without her, but it will make his special doctors happier to have her gone. Howard has to decide which direction he wants to go, and he has to make this decision very quickly.

"Discipline," by Gerard Bianco, written in play format, truly made me laugh out loud. The outrageousness of Howard's thoughts and Lily's reactions to those thoughts was hysterical. Frustrato also adds an interesting twist to the story by trying to convince Howard to take the path that he thought he wanted, but when faced with the reality of the situation he realizes that he might not.  This play is quirky and fun and has some twists in the story that make it a very unique book to read.

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